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some serious injuries. we were called priority one traumatic injuries. the are the, we evaluated a number of kids and transported three of them and they had some serious injuries but not life- threatening. >> when you arrived here, were any of the kids or adults trapped. did you need to use the chainsaw to free them? >> not really. the first car was an injured person in the park. one ambulance showed up and realized they had more serious injuries and a number of people. there is a large debris field and that branch, you know, fell from a good distance. and it's as big as some trees and there is a good-sized brang that fell down -- branch that fell down on the folks. there was no warning or noise. and it fell without warning and no one was trapped. thank you very much. real quickly, we told by a person with d.c. parks that came by that they believe the tree was prettyo, about 75 years old -- pretty old, about 75 years ole. they don't know what caused the
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limbs to fall, but the city has langed an investigation to figure out exactly how this happened. it looks like a terrible accident at this point. we'll keep you updated on all of the individuals that were injured here. back to you. >> all right, thank you. the british phone hacking scandal took center stage in front of parliament. lawmakers grilled rupert murdoch and the top executives over allegations that news of the world reporters hacked into personal phone messages. also, a heckler attacked murdock in the middle of the testimony. amy kellogg has more. >> reporter: rupert murdoch and his son james under intense scrutiny from british lawmakers. during questioning, a demonstrator taking aim at 80- year-old news corporation chairman, his wife wendy sign here wearing pink, jumping up and defending her husband. proceedings resuming with officials honing in on phone- hacking allegations at murdoch's former tabloid, news of the world. >> why did you not ac-- the
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book resignation? >> i believed her, trusted her and i do trust here. >> reporter: rupert murdoch, the head of news corp, the parent company of fox news, enis of thing he doesn't condone the use of phone hacking, calling it a humble day. >> invading people's privacy and listening to their voice mail is wrong. -- with this information is wrong. >> reporter: officials also asking if the voice mails of 9/11 victims were hacked. james murdoch saying not to his knowledge. and it's just appalling to thank anyone sorted with one of our papers would have done something look that and i am aware of no evidence about that. the former news of the world editor denying knowledge of payments to british police or deception during her watch. >> and things went badly wrong with the news of the world and who doing our best. >> britain's top two men at scotland yard who quit earlier this week facing a separate
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panel. >> i think we need -- differently in the future, am the media differently. integrity in tact and my conscience is clear. >> reporter: reading from the statement at the end of his parliamentary session, he vows to help police get to the bottom of the phone-hacking scandal and hopes to win back the public's trust. amy kellogg, fox 5 news. >> the paulout continues to grow tonight. -- fallout continues tonight. gene is joining us to talk about the developments. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome, shawn. >> i want to play you a brief snippet of some of rupert murdoch's testimony today in front of parliament and get your take. all right. >> mr. murdoch, do you accept that ultimately you're responsible for this whole 53asco? nope. >> you have -- you're not responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run and then maybe the people they trusted. i work -- for 52 years and i would trust him with my life.
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all right, so we heard there the testimony from rupert murdoch. he not only denied responsibility but his company was guilty of what they call willful blindness over the phone-hacking scandal. do you think that was the right move? how would you have advised him if he was your client. >> it's -- as unsatisfactory as those answers might seem u they were designed for the legal community. i think that mr. murdoch is concerned about not saying anything to be used against him in a court of law, so he's working with that handicap. i think that if, as time goes forward as he does more presenting as, either before u.s -- presentations before u.s. congress or anything more before parliament, he probably needs to have a better plan and a message going forward. what he's going to do to clean know the mess at the newspapers. irrespective of who is responsible. >> reporter: you gave us a little inside into what you would have done if he was your he want. in situations like this, how do you go about preparing a client to spoke in front of parliament oring can or respond to the media? well, the first think this you
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do is cordon off a good pit of -- bit of time. a few hours where you grill the individual so whatever you ask him or her behind closed doors in the planning session is as rigorous and tougher than anything he or she would get in the real thing. and see you really have to ask tough, embarrassing questions and you have to make sure that communications people are present and also, lawyers are present so that nothing incrementinating is set. it's a balancing act in this situation. it's transparency above all and behind that is the legal obligation. not only to mr. murdoch but to news corporation. >> and notable in today's testimony, mr. murdoch despite, you know, saying that -- or tell from mr. brooks, that she talked to mr. murdoch. rupert murdoch's testimony was like he was not up on the day- to-day operations. do you think that was by design? >> i think it was by design. from what i observed, he needs to pick a style. is gee he going to be the
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daughtering, you know, aging patriarch of the obligation or is he going to be the sharp hands-on person who was misled. i think he has to pick a role and stick with it. i think he varied today back and forth. i think he needs to be more consistent. >> we heard apologies from human rupert murdoch and james murdoch and rebecca -- rebekah brookes today. is that enough? i think for now that has to be enough. i think they have to be careful, again, look at the legal rammings of things. today's hearings -- hearings was not about getting to the bottom of anything or fact finding but in uppings. the members of parliament for a lot of sleight and insult, that rupert murdoch's organization has heaped urk pone over the years, that is coming home and i think this is their day to get even and it was more about come uppings than anything else. >> thank you so much for giving us insight. by the way, news corp is the parent company of fox 5.
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our facebook page is all fired up with your comments about this phone hacking scandal. steven writes not understood what goes on in another country, we have our own problems to worry about. jennifer paxton writes i am more interested if my hubby is going to get his social security check. we want to know what you think about the scandal. join the conversation, like on facebook and post your comments. you probably felt it. the heat wave is o. looking at a live picture over northwest d.c. tonight. and pretty hazy out there right now. the heat is not the only thing the storm force is tracking tonight. there are storms moving through parts of our area right now and gary mcgrady's in the weather center tracking of course you need to know. gary? >> reporter: thanks, laura. first of all, we do have the thunderstorms, which are weakening quite a bit and we'll go to max hd radar and show you where they are and this is the live radar. to give you an idea where they are and report. a lot of storms toward the shore and that is where they're
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severe this evening, salesburyy getting good storms and south ofation so there and enplant and over into -- dover as well and that is where the real heavy thunderstorms are. tonight, we'll zoom down a bit and that is to the northwest and the city here at gaithersburg. great falls. you can see this and i'll tell you what, again, these have been weakening quite a bit in the last 15, 20 minutes or so and they'll continue to drip to the south-southeast very potty right now and may have a little more scattered later on. over to true view to show you the touches, 95 degrees and that is not telling the story. 104 is the heat index here in the city; 106 for fredericksburg and in terms of the heat watch that had is posted, this is not for today but for thursday and it will probably go all weekend long. more of the heat and the storms, again, the real heat is not here yet. the full forecast is coming up. developing news from
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alexandra. tote, two americans are charged with acting as agents for the pakistani government. sayed fay appeared in federal court today. he lives in fairfax and is the director of the kashmerian council. he said the pakistani government paid his organization $4 million since 1990 to lobby the u.s. government to allow the cashmere people to determine their own people. kashmir is the disputed territory between india and pakistan. a second american liveing in pakistan is also charged with the -- in the case. d.c. mayor vincent gray admitted today that there are serious questions surrounding the way his campaign handled cash: 00s. the d.c. office of campaign finance is now investigating and fox 5s paul wagner is in the newsroom with more on the new allegations. paul? >> reporter: the allegations are simple like this. gray campaign workers allegedly took cash donations and combined themon into larger money orders. and -- into larger moniker
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orders and that is against -- money orders and that is against the law. the campaign should be held accountable. eight months after vincent gray's campaign came to a close, the mayor finds himself dogged byicals of improprieties. the latest allegations uncovered claimed the campaign workers defied city law by accepting cash donations larger than $25 and then, exchange that cash for money orders. mayor gray said today that the alleged wrongdoing had recently surfaced. >> it was a revelation to me. again, we have turned over all of our campaign finance records, we did several months ago to the office of campaign finance, and we fully cooperated and we're prepared to continue to do. that. >> reporter: what happened? we're came -- were campaign workers handling the money ignorant of the law or is there another police station is? >> i am not sure that weeing you know, we exactly know why it happened. i mean we know there were a lot of money orders and they don't
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deal in check and the like and they purchased the money order. and some of the things, i think, are continuing the investigate. >> reporter: wesley williams with the d.c. office of campaign finance said the law is specific and clear. the money order has to be made by the contributing, the contributor can not give the committee and in excess of $25 and the committee turns around and makes a money order for the person. >> reporter: nathan price with the d.c. professional taxi cab driver's social security said that he tanned fund raisers where drivers contributed more than $25 in cash and no one from the gray campaign said a word. price said that gray tead one of the. >> it shock -- gray attended one of me. >> it shocked me. and when you finished counting the money, it was more than $1,500. >> reporter: price said that he regrets the donations now because the mayor has since ignored the cabbies and their
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concerns. the u.s. attorney's office is investigating the gray campaign. the mayor likes to point out that he was the first to ask for it. and the washington post reported that it's an investigation uncovering questionable donations from at least one organization that doesn't exist. as well as donations with names and addresses not supported by public records, shawn? >> thank you, paul. and we have an update on an early-morning traffic alert. a montgomery county police cruiser collided with another car in silver spring around midnight. investigators say the officer lost control of the vehicle and spun around and hit a toyota corolla in an oncoming lane. both people are still in the hospital and are expected to recover. officer hopkins has been released. the police are investigating what caused him to lose control. new developments today in the dallas metro rail project. the loudoun county board of supervisors agree the county would build three parking garages and that means the costs won't be absorbed into the leave all project but has conditions, including the metro
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station has to be built above ground, the airport's authority donates the land for at least one of the garages and the local taxmoney is used to pay for the garages. one local county is putting the spotlight on popular dance clubs. coming up next, we're looking closer at what is being done to curb the crime. >> plus, nfl star michael vick said he learned his lesson when it comes to animal fighting. why he's spending time on capitol hill next. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 
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>> we're following a developing story now. as we're monitoring metro, all the escalators are out of service. riders have to climb up the escalator stairspo to reach the streets and the elevator between the platform and the mezzanine where the tech the turnstyles are are not working. there is one operator working between the mezzanine and the level. the problem will be fixed on friday the. >>m battled preps georges county leslie johnson no longer has the staff or office funding but showed up to work today. this is the first day back since the council took the money from office. johnson pleaded guilty in june to the destruction of evidence in the corruption trial and said that she will resign at the end of themont. her husband, former county executive jack johnson pleaded guilty to in may to extortion and witness and evidence tampering. today's council meeting,
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members passed emergency legislation aimed at stemming some of the violence at real night clubs. karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: the couple voted unanimously to pass legislation to let law enforcement shut down teen and adult dance halls, private clubs and other establishments for dance -- where dancing occurs if there is violence on the premises. the lawmakers and county officials want to avoid violence look. this the third murder in the county back in january of this year and that is at the upscale ball room in suitland. a man found shot several times died at the scene. the county police chief was among those testifying today and in favor of the bill. his officers responded to 581 calls for service, four establishments in distribute 3 since 2007. the new legislation mandates more security, licenses fees, and insurance at area dance clubs and not everyone is happy about it. >> this legislation gives us more control over the businesses that operate.
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some of them illegally without licenses and without proper security plans. you will be required to have a security camera that is a recording and the pre-trialter. also, you have to show a detailed security plan before you get your license. >> these clubs import thousands of people in d.c. and in maryland. when you take away these jobs, you affect these people. and they go out and commit crimes in your community. >> reporter: the bill requires a non-refundable license fay of $1,000 a year for dance halls and some critics say it's aimed more at producing revenue for the county than preventing violence. >> what other security measures are called for in. the legislation calls for a lighting plan on site. a life, safety -- safety, and evacuation plan. and the private security officers who are wearing uniforms are going to be requiredfo patrol the premises -- required to patrol the premises and the police department will have background checks of anyone trying to get or renew a dance hall license.
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>> thank you. >> you're welcome. terrifying encounter for a fairfax county woman. she woke up to find a strange man in her bedroom after he forced his way into her home. the intruder sexually assaulted her, police say, and then fled the apartment on loses chapel. -- lewis chapel. there were which were inside and that were not hurt. the police are looking for a suspect tonight. and out of france, investigators questioned one of dominique strauss-kahn's daughters about an accusation she tried to rape a french writer. she was questioned yesterday. she's a friend of the writer. that woman claims the ex-imf chief tried to rape her during an interview in 2003. strauss-kahn is facing charges in new york he attempted to rape a hotel made there, although he denies any wrong doing in both cases. more than 24 hours after casey anthony walked out of jail, her whereabouts remain a
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secret and there is some speculation show might be in seclusion near prescott be arizona. a private plane registered to a california attorney took off from orlando at 3:00 a.m. sunday and landed in prescott. anthony is rumored to number puerto rico and possibly in miami. the faa investigating claims a colorado air traffic controller was drunk on the job. according to a denver television station, faa officials conducted a random test 6 1/2 hours into the controller's shift and the blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. the faa reports the worker has been removed from the position at a facility that controls high attitude air traffic. officials are still investigating. and philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick visited capitol hill today to support a bill protecting animals. vick spent nearly two years in prison on dog-fighting charges and supports the bill strengthening the federal laws against it. the bill aims to make taking a child to a dog-fighting match illegal and makes being a spectator at a dog fight a
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misdemeanor. >> during my time in prison, i wanted to do my part to be a part of the solution and not a problem. i have been speaking to kids to be responsible and good to animals. today, i'm here to send a message, to help ax dress the problem and break the cycle. >> since getting out of prison in 2009, he's worked with the humane society of the united states speaking out against dog fighting. dangerously hot temperatures on the way to the d.c. region. and they are not here yet. if you think it's hot now judgment yeah. >> what can we expect? gary has a look at the forecast next.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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>> i'm discouraged, when you say, wow, it's hot now? yeah. >> and it's messable today again. and momentarily, it feels good for a minute and goes downhill. [ laughter ]
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>> and you say for a minute. for a second, right in. >> for 30 seconds. yeah, baby. >> i'm looking for the bright spot here, gary. >> and the core of the heat is still out west. okay. and that still has to move across here and today, we had good amounts of sunshine and in a west wind, too. the temperature has jumped up into the mid-90s and we still have a lot of humidity and that heat index soared and quickly, so you get an idea what is takes place, not a lot out there but a little bit in montgomery county and some spotsy showers and most of that is weakening. the strongest is in washington county and around hagerstown and that is getting a nice cell there and that heat index, 104 and feels like 106 for
5:26 pm
fredericksburg. a spotty thunderstorm at 7 and 9, otherwise hot and muggy and some temperatures are slow and cool and not makes the charges. the full forecast coming up. >> and thank you very much, gary. and as you heard, it's hot out there. trash pickup will be an hour earlier this week and you can put your caps out at 6:00 p.m. and pepco is asking customers to save energy. y that asking you to keep your -- until 78 and wait until the evening to use your washer, dishwasher and drier and metro is preparing by approving overtime for elevator and escalator repair crews, track inspectors will be deployed to make sure the rails are safe. chances are the kids are home from school and spending more time online. are you and your family ready for the summer of span?
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>> fox 5 is breaking down the consumer alert with everything you need top next. and also ahead, looks for ways to save cash these days. could this be the secret to saving up to 30% on your car insurance. we'll put this gadget to the test. next. 
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>> are you spending more time online in this heat wave? make sure you don't get caught up in the you iser of -- summer of spam. there are viruses out there waiting for to you click on then. the tech expert is here to explain what we can do to protect ourselves and what the problem is. summer time is a popular time for threats on the computer. >> absolutely, more people are on line. they're out of school, back
5:31 pm
from college, parents are taking more time with their kids and the more time online, the spammers and fishers have more customers, as it were and they turn up the volume. >> and what are the problems that we're seeing -- seeing? is that clicking on the wrong language? >> it's a lot of it and today's modern red is more powerful than it's been and we see this in facebook anding the places and when they deliver that, that is more power to do mentions to your computer, more viruses. >> we feel like we repeat ours -- ourselves. >> right. >> are people, are hackers getting smarter than us? are the people -- and developing new ways to infect our computers? >> they are. more powerful browsers. the solutions are twofield. on one side -- twofold. usion sense, right. nobody has a picture of an ipad 3 or a white iphone 5. and they
5:32 pm
don't exist, don't click on the links. some of them, the browsers themselves, like modern browser explorer -- explorer 9, you can collect a lot from these people and as they're caught in the scams? >> uh-huh. >> and it's reported to the browser and it will say this is a bad site, don't go there and upgrading it is superimportant to a modern browser, and some like it on -- and, of course, virus check. >> and let's put up that graph. some of the things. you talked about upgrading your browser. >> right. >> and tell us more what to do to protect ourselves? open things from people you trust. don't believe a lot of the scam and you can do two other hits in your browser. one is a look in the address bar. if yet turns red, the browser sees something wrong and it doesn't look look who it's supposed to be and the other side, hover over the language and see if it's going -- over the link and see where if it's going where it's supposed to
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be. >> thank you very much for being with us. and apple cofounder was at the washington convection center sharing his expertise and that tech nothing conference. he's the chief activity is atfusion io and said he believes we're at the start of technological advances and what is the next thing going to be? >> you never can say what is that next step in innovation or we would all be superrich betting on the companies doing the right think this and that tel -- tends to be getting more for less and making thing iss smaller -- smaller and portable. a littlegamet promises to save you up to 30% on your car insurance. does it work? here's more on the progressive challenge. >> reporter: we broke open the box, attached the transmetter
5:34 pm
to the port under the dash and drove. for 30 days, it logged my daily drive. time, speed, distance, and how often i stomped the brake and that is part cell phone and support a report after each trip. online, they instantly see charts and graphs and that is bonus. >> plug it in and that keeps track. >> reporter: the rest is that promise of a discount. up to 30% off. >> and that is caring about saving you money. >> reporter: i got a sev% rate cut. apparently two too many miles and hard brakes for a full 30% reduction. still, i saved $54 a year. and that is enough cash to spend the tang. a tradeoff for some. >> and do i think every american drive sorry going on want this? no. >> reporter: the device can only lower rates and not hike
5:35 pm
them. already, that is -- a quarter million snapshots are on the road. and because the transmitter improves the way insurers gauge driver risk. >> and the way it works now, they ask the how many miles do you drive. some people leave estimate and some underestimate. >> reporter: for example, steve. >> and i am saving money. >> and he seldomly drives the family gene, not anymore -- jeep. not anymore. s wrangler is usually parked and slashed the policy $100 yearly. the technology on the ball and out of sight. you can see it but, i mean, you don't know that it's there. my experience was, of course, different. my snapshot beeped a lot. once when i got going, plus each sudden brake.
5:36 pm
turns out it's instant feedback by design. >> you get a report card. >> reporter: when i shut off the motor, snapshot makes a musical judgement. either an upbeat chime for a good drive or a noticeably different tune for a bad one. >> give it a green light with the exception of what it does at yellow lights. often i was penalized for stopping short when my alternative was riskier, running the red. it was like having a spouse in the car and in time, i admit was tailoring my driving to hear the passing tune. >> reporter: progressive concedes that getting into the heads of drivers is part of the educationication. >> and gives people the opportunity to go up what? that is what they looking at. >> reporter: lower risk on its side, cheaper for customers and fewer crashes on the way home j. the less beeps, the better you're doing.
5:37 pm
>> that might be interesting to try out. and is it too late to save the football season? nfl talks resumed here today. >> are we closer to reaching a deal? the fox 5 sports team following the latest developments. who needs higher security where the chihuahua around? and more of the robbery takedown caught on camera. next. s
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>> a or too close to big brother. the debate in russia over electronic banking machines that come equipped with voice- measured polygraphs. reports the atms will take fingerprints, scan passpots and record a 3d facial image. the ultimate goal is to crackdown on fraud. if it sounds like something out of a james bond movie, your
5:41 pm
close. the inventor is contracted by the federal security service, which used to be the kgb. no high-tech security required to get rid of armed robbers at a california store. look at this surveillance video. >> did you see there? the little chihuahua, that is why the storm needed was paulko, the loyal chihuahua. -- paco. he bought them the entire -- bit them the entire time. >> i love it. and that is a feisty dog. >> right. >> you don't know the power, clearly. and keep the dogs indoors. a summer scorcher is promising to deliver on seriously hot temperatures. >> how high will the mercury go? gary's full forecast is next. shopping for a wedding dress can be stressful and would take a little of the burden off for free, wouldn't it?
5:42 pm
i'm beth parker. that story is coming up. 
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>> it's been a four-month ordeal. tonight, all signs point to an know to the longest labor dispute in until history and dave feldman is here with where both sides stand right now. >> reporter: it's the long of the dispute in history and that is how fans can take solas, perhaps no games will be postponed and perhaps no preseason games either. the lawyers for the owners and players are meeting with a court-appointed mediator in new york and they would end the lockout. the players are gathering in washington to vote on a agreement tomorrow if the deal is done. the owners would vote to ratify any new collective bargaining agreement at a special meeting on thursday in atlanta.
5:46 pm
this morning, i asked the redskins lorenzo al,ander if hinges the lockout will be over by the end of the week. and that is what i have been hearing from the top. great news for it and that is still not, you know, grateful we had something signed, sealed, and delivered and right now , everyone is optimistic about it. i am glad i'm on the contract and to and now. those guys are going to have a hectic time as far as figuring out where to go and in a quick period of time. the president of the nfl may have put it best when he said look, the grass is cut and the hay is not yet in the barn. stay tuned. hopefully, guys, it's over by friday. and -- >> that is sort of a light at the end of the tunnel. >> and i don't know what to do without football? >> i have a fantasy football. >> yeah.
5:47 pm
>> and a lot of time. >> a lot of work, you know. and that is -- . >> right. and speaking of the forecast, getting hotter. >> i can't figure out why it wouldn't do that. unfortunately, and really, you know, i think that it started today, really and because we have the heat index value out there. 105, some of them close to 110 degrees and it's not going to be much better tomorrow if it's better at all and with thursday and friday and saturday, that is when the big hot would come around and that is going to linger into sunday and monday and that is what we have to look forward to. i shouldn't, but i almost want to. it's hazy out there and definitely hot and muggy. we have a few thunderstorms. the strongest of which are up
5:48 pm
to the north and into the north- northeast and just a little bit here. this is drifted out of month groomery county across the river and into loudoun county and that is not much though. we have a lot on off to the east here and this is where it's more instability and they have had more sunshine today, believe it or not, and that is helping to pick the thunderstorms up a bit and as we switch over, this is our sentinel radar. the strongest cell here in hagerstown. a lot of red in this and we're getting indication that it could be dropping a little bit earlier and looks like now, it switched around and we put the icons on here to give you a better idea what is taking place and this is an early indication that this particular thunderstorm might be trying -- a mezzo cyclone, a tendency to rotate. i'm not worried about the torn autos from the thunderstorms and this -- tornados from the thors and this red box indicates how it's moving from
5:49 pm
the south-southeast and that is fairly slow, too and moving 10 to 15 miles per hour. between hagerstown there there could be a little bit of very heavy rain. in three dimensional mode, we stack this and look farther into the atmosphere and this has a lot on top of it here, indicating it's going for awhile and i think why with the updraft and downdraft are together and these things rain themes on out and we'll keep a close eye on this and this is coming down to the south and southeast and keep an eye on the thunderstorms this evening and they will be spotty, hot and muggy at 7:00, 92 degrees. the heat index into the upper 90s and again, a spotty thunderstorm around. the same for 9:00, a spotty chance of a thunderstorm and that temperature in the upper 80s, the heat index in the 90s, 11:00 and 84, i suspect the heat index values will be in
5:50 pm
the upper 80s and it's 96 now in up to and cooled off in places. gaithersburg had the benefit of a rain shower there and down to 82. 110 in the city and fredericksburg, feels like 105 culpeper and to get used to it. this is the excessive heat watch on tuesday and this has been issued by the national weather service and they're talking heat index values 105, 115 degrees and that is going to be issued on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday as well. the satellite and radar together, notice the showers and thunderstorms coming from the north and to the west. we're on the east side of the big ridge of high pressure and that is to the west with the real, real hot weather is and as long as we're on the east side of it, we continue to get at least a chance of a shower and thunderstorm and that basically all goes away for tomorrow, okay? the evening storm around, not
5:51 pm
much. another warm leave night tonight, right around 80 degrees in the city and winds variable at 5 miles per hour and hot tomorrow, starting off at 8:00 a.m. and 83, 92 and muggy at noon, pushing upper 90s with the heat index and over 100 degrees with that heat index at 5:00 and that is what the actual air temperature is about. i'm not going to change the numbers. we're going to ride with those numbers and what is 101 mean on thursday if the heat index feels like 110? that does not really matter. friday, probably the most uncomfortable day of them all and actual temperatures, i think, will be the air -- the air temperatures are the high east friday and again, we'll have heat index values of 105 to 115 degrees. that is some dangerous heat. >> it's having an impact on everything and my som is in the sports camp right now -- son is in the sports camp right now.
5:52 pm
>> my daughter's camp counselor and staying in the pool a lot. >> yeah. and that is the key. yeah. >> seven aware of this. they know it's hot and that get's -- it's going to be unusually hot. the next few days it's a weather story that is a news story. >> and looking for buckling on the tracks. >> and all sorts of things j. the duration of the heat. >> yeah. >> this is not a one or two-day heat index and we don't cool down a lot and think about it. we'll be about at, 85 degrees at night in up to and that is what makes it missable. >> gary, thank you. >> okay. -- miserable. and we're following another disaster developing in japan. and with some typhoons of 120 miles per hour hitting the japan many eland of honshu. an office building near tokyo collapsed and meanwhile, at the nuclear plant damaged by the tsunami in march, a temporary cover is in place to protect the damage from that
5:53 pm
heavy rain there. in tonight's health alert, c-sections are at an all-time high in the united states. health grades 2011 report gathered information from 19 states and found c sections rose from 27% in 2002 to 34% in 2009 and the reasons for the increase include convenience for the doctor and mother, and women giving birth later in life. >> changes your life, though, could dramatically reduce your ridiculous of always hooper's. university of california san francisco researchers identified seven modifiable ridiculous factors for alzheimer's. low education levels, smokes, depression, obesity and high blood pressure and diabetes. the researchers believe that more than half of alzheimer's cases globally could be prevented if modifiable risk factors were eliminated. coming up on the news edge at 6, it could be the breakthroughs that lawmakers are waiting for. a bipartisan group of senators laying out a plan that could break the stalemate of erasing
5:54 pm
the nation's debt ceiling. we have details at the top of the hour. the fbi arrest a fairfax county man accused of being on pakistan's payroll. we'll break down the charges thatting put him behind bars for years. and an expert testifying at the casey anthony murder trial dropped a bomb shell, what he claims the jersey was not supposed to hear. 
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> serving in the military is a life-changing event. some of the men and women who made that sacrifice are getting help with another life-altering event, their wedding. thanks to ago non-profit group. beth parker has more on how it's working. >> reporter: the search begins. >> you want bathing or not?
5:58 pm
>> reporter: she's used to being dressed up. she's a master sergeant in the marines and is a bride to be. the wedding a will be wendy's day and there is to be lots of input. >> and that is long and elegant and i like that. >> reporter: wendy's participating in a program that can is called drive across america. the wedding dress she chooses will be free. >> i was ecsattic. >> reporter: jeanette's bride and boutique donated the dresses and that they must show documentation they or their fiancee is deployed. >> reporter: over the course of two days, jeanette's here will give away 50 bridal gowns, thousands worth of merchandise that they can have sold. >> not really? and -- mommy. >> reporter: des ray is a fellow marine and now bride's maid and sibbed with wendy in iraq. >> i am happy i get to abe part of it -- get to be a part of
5:59 pm
she works with jeanette. >> if they find a dress and fall in love with it, then you fall in love with -- and. >> the appreciation is evidence. >> big. big. this is what i don't have to budget for. >> you like your fiance? >> i love him. he can cook. [ laughter ] and in the end, i agree on dress number two. and in monasses, beth parker, fox 5 news. and. thanks for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. topping the news edge at 6, as house republicans punish a bill, a new plan emerges. president obama said it might be the balanced approach needed to break a deadlock on raising the nation's debt ceiling. the presi

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